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Welcome to ThunderBridge

ThunderBridge enables for direct (P2P) e-mail delivery, thus by-passing external E-mail servers and allowing for sending e-mail attachments of virtually unlimited size and for an improved privacy of e-mail transmission.

ThunderBridge is not an online storage service. Our mission is to provide real, decentralized and direct P2P e-mail transfer that takes into account the privacy of e-mail users.

ThunderBridge is currently implemented as a Mozilla Thunderbird extension which operates within a local area network (LAN) or virtual private network (VPN) limits. It is therefore suitable for dispatching e-mails in local networking groups (offices, schools, etc.).

Starting from version 7.00 ANY mail program (including a mobile device) is capable to receive a P2P ThunderBridge message.

Download ThunderBridge for Mozilla Thunderbird.

Typical (SMTP) E-mail transfer

Transfer SMTP.jpg
When Alice sends her email traditionally to Bob the transfer requires 3 independent connections over 4 independent computers:
  1. from Alice E-mail program to Alice E-Mail Server (SMTP protocol),
  2. from Alice E-Mail Server to Bob E-Mail Server (SMTP protocol),
  3. finally Bob may download the email from his E-Mail Server (POP3 or IMAP protocol).

Alice email is therefore temporarily stored at each of these servers that it passes by and may easily be copied at each of the servers. Moreover neither Alice nor Bob would ever knew if such an unauthorized copy happened at all.

ThunderBridge E-mail transfer

Transfer THBR LAN.jpg
With ThunderBridge Alice e-mail may be delivered directly (P2P) in a single connection to Bob. Such a direct transmission obviously improves privacy and safety of transmission, as well as enables for delivering really large e-mails (say 800 MB).
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